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2-Day trip to Desert in Zagora

3-Day tour to Merzouga

4-Day tour from Marrakech

5-Day tour to Sahara Desert

8-Day tour from Marrakech


3-Day tour to Merzouga Desert

4-Day tour to Desert Marrakech

5-Day tour from Fes to Sahara

8-Day Morocco tour from Fes


6-Day tour from Casablanca

8-Day tour to Sahara Desert

9-Day tour from Casablanca

10-Days around Morocco tour

14-Day Grand Morocco tour


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Suggested Tours from Chaouen

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Accommodation in Morocco

We choose good quality accommodation that combines traditional style architecture and genuine Berber hospitality with modern services and facilities. We  use authentic  riads , kasbahs , guest houses and  Berber tents . They are all guided by the feedback from our guests.


Riads are traditional Moroccan houses built around an internal garden and courtyard - peaceful and a wonderful place for guests to relax out of the sun. Riads in Morocco are located in the oldest part of the cities and provide small guest rooms with en-suite bathrooms. Riads are beautifully decorated in traditional Moroccan style and offer a  truly personal service and an intimate atmosphere at the heart of Moroccan culture.


Accommodation in the Desert will be in a bivouac, a traditional nomad camp.  The tents  are made of camel wool, the perfect material for Sahara Desert as their thickness protects from the heat of the sun and when it rains, the wool expands, producing a water-proof material. Basic tent accommodation with no facilities through to luxury en-suite tents are available.


Outside of the larger cities we stay in traditional guest house or  in the kasbah. This type of hotels provide authentic Moroccan bed and breakfast accommodation. In the more remote areas facilities such as air conditioning and plumbing may not be as reliable as in more developed areas but the genuine hospitality of the Berber people will ensure your stay is comfortabe.

During your stay in this type of accommodation, you will feel as Moroccan family; your hosts will welcome you with big hospitality and will be happy to share with you their traditions and their life in general. You can even participate in cooking your meals with the family if you like to cook. If you are traveling with children, their children will love to play with yours.